How Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas?

How Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas

Are fleas a problem for indoor cats? Yes, they can. And they can even get them from outside! Fleas can be carried by people, on clothing and on the skin of animals. So how do indoor cats get fleas? Here are a few things you can do to protect your indoor cat. Symptoms of a flea infestation include:

Symptoms of a flea infestation on your indoor cat

The first and most obvious signs of a flea infestation on your indoor kitten or cat are visible bodily discomfort, agitation, and an overall unhealthy appearance. Your indoor cat may also avoid carpeted areas and appear restless, growling, or exhibit other strange behavior. It may even be anemic or develop anemia. You should visit your vet for a check-up so you can determine whether fleas are the cause of these symptoms.

Flies can cause hair loss, and heavy flea infestations can lead to anaemia. Although young kittens are more susceptible to anaemia, a heavy infestation can affect any cat, and you should seek medical attention for your cat as soon as possible. Another sign of an infestation is an off- colour cat – one that looks pale or sallow is probably infected.

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Another sign of a flea infestation on your indoor pet is the presence of flea dirt in your cat’s fur. These tiny creatures hop from one animal to another, so it’s easy to spot flea dirt. If you suspect your indoor pet of fleas, you can mist a small piece of fur and check it for red spots. Inspect the bedding and favorite places, including window sills.

Ways to prevent a flea infestation on your indoor cat

Having an indoor cat can bring with it the possibility of flea infestation. The female fleas are capable of jumping 100 times their own length. They will latch onto the hair of your indoor cat and cause an infestation. It is therefore vital to take steps to prevent this from happening. Here are some ways to do so. This article is intended to give you some helpful tips. But do keep in mind that fleas will always be around and you have to stay vigilant to avoid attracting an infestation.

Fleas are external parasites that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Unlike human beings, fleas aren’t picky about the host that they feed on. Therefore, cats are the most likely to acquire fleas. There are seven species of fleas in North America, including the cat flea. The best way to prevent fleas from infesting your indoor cat is to follow a few simple steps.

How Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas
How Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas

Among the steps you can take is to apply insecticides to your indoor cat’s bedding. There are several types of flea-killing products on the market. You can use permethrin or imidacloprid, but always make sure to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. If these steps do not work, you can call a professional exterminator. They will also be able to treat your home and prevent fleas from entering your home again.

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